ul. Chopina 36, 81-786 Sopot, tel.: +48 58 551 20 73

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The Inn

A nice and cosy place to spend time with family or friends.

“The Inn” is an old Polish style pub. It is located in the basement of the building and is the pearl of our Guesthouse. Its original interior design revives old Polish traditions and customs. The unique character of the place and specialties of Polish cuisine guarantee a joyful evening with friends.

Our rich menu will satisfy all tastes. We serve anything from traditional Polish sour rye sup (żurek), ham hock and home-made dumplings (pierogi) to Mediterranean cuisine. Our chef recommends delicious light salads and the favourite of our clients – fish dishes.

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In 2004, our INN won a competition organised by NEWSEEK and RADIO ZET in the category of: “THE BEST INTERIOR DESIGN”.

The Inn is open daily from 1:00 p.m. until 11.00 p.m.
To book a table, call us at: + 48 512 516 910

Hors d'oeuvre

  • Camembert gratinated with herbs 18 zł
  • Carpaccio of sirloin of beef, with parmesan or basil pesto 25 zł
  • Steak Tartare (onions, mushrooms, pickled gherkins) 25 zł
  • Tartare of smoked salmon with capers and onions 24 zł
  • Herring with oil or cream 18 zł
  • Shrimp with garlic and chili pepper (6) 24 zł
  • Selection of cheeses and cold meats 35 zł

Delicious from flour

  • Home-made dumplings (pierogi) with salmon, spinach and feta cheese 24 zł
  • Home-made dumplings (pierogi) stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms fried with onions and bacon/ or vegetarian version 22 zł
  • Home-made dumplings (pierogi) stuffed with delcate vension of roe and chanterelles with onion and bacon 26 zł
  • Potato dumplings stuffed with meat fried with onions and bacon 22 zł
  • Pancakes with spinach and gratinated with parmesan (2) 24 zł


  • Greek salad PLN 22
  • Caprese salad (tomatoes with mozzarella, pesto, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes) PLN 22
  • Salad with baked goat cheese (with honey-sweetened raspberry sauce and pomegranate) PLN 25


  • Clear beetroot soup/ or with Lithuanian kołduny (dough dumplings with lamb) PLN 7/ PLN 14
  • Old polish sour soup with veal sausage PLN 15
  • Chilled beetroot soup/ or hot beetroot soup PLN 12
  • Homemade chicken broth PLN 12
  • Fish soup with salmon PLN 18

Fish dishes

  • Salmon from the oven on spinach PLN 35
  • Trout from the oven with potatoes, pesto and Parmesan PLN 35
  • Pan fried cod with early potatoes and cucumber salad PLN 38
  • Zander in wine with mushrooms PLN 40
  • Zander on lentils PLN 40

Main dishes

  • Beef bourguignon served in a cast pot with lentil and baguette PLN 35
  • Beef cheeks with pear, cranberries, red cabbage and puree of celery PLN 32
  • Crisp duck with marjoram, apples, red cabbage and fried potatoes PLN 42
  • Knuckle of pork from the oven in beer roasted with herbs served with stewed cabbage PLN 38
  • Pork chop with cabbage PLN 28
  • Aubergine with meat stuffing (/or with kuskus), gratinated with cheese, in a herb-tomato sauce PLN 26/ PLN 24

Children's menu

  • Pan fried cod with potatoes and vegetables PLN 18
  • Chicken filet with potatoes and vegetables PLN 18


  • Red fruit pudding with vanilla ice cream PLN 12
  • Caramelized cherries with Cognac and vanilla ice cream PLN 14
  • Home-made pie PLN 12
  • Ice cream PLN 12

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